Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Brief Introduction...

There are many religions in this world and each religion has different opinions of what happens after death: some say that you go to heaven to meet the God, others believe that the soul leaves the human body only to come back in another life, this is the notion of reincarnation and is very popular in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Since the idea of reincarnation is popular in many Eastern religions and not often considered in Western religious practices, my goal here is to give another point of view and allow people to consider the possibility and realistic aspects of reincarnation through past life stories. Past life stories are from people who claim to have lived before and can remember explicit details and recall many facts about the person they claimed to be, sometimes these stories get verified from the family the person claims to have previously been from.
Throughout the course of this blog, I will use revered scholars as well as cases of past lives that have
been verified. The examples given in this blog will be excerpted from books or scholarly journals and cited
at the bottom in case anybody would like to look into these cases or the topic discussed more. Enjoy!

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