Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This was a very interesting project for me to look over and have to approach with non-bias. I did much research on the topic of reincarnation and searched many scholarly journals that ranged from religious journals to psychology to Asian studies to find what I was looking for.

One might notice that many of the cases were from Dr. Ian Stevenson, and this is because his cases are often the most revered because of his research methods and how much effort he spent perfecting his interview routine for cases. Also, Stevenson is considered to be a scholar in this field and if you notice, many of the other sources I used do mention Stevenson in a credible and respected manner when he is brought up in discussion.

The cases in this project were unique in their own way, but also all had common themes such as being able to remember explicit details that would have been unable to been known through common knowledge, all the cases were able to remember details of their past lives without being told about them. Also, all these details were verified by the case conductor in each case.

Despite these cases, one can not fully conclude that reincarnation is real, but it does give one something to think about. One can not explain how children would know about a village they've never visited, people they have never been told about, etc. With this in mind each person must reflect on the presented cases and decide how they feel about reincarnation, if one can do that and at least give the idea of reincarnation a little thought and see it as a plausible alternative to what happens after death, I have done my job.

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